YellAt DotA is a Windows desktop application that adds over 100 voice commands to Valve’s free-to-play MOBA, DotA 2. It works with any desktop microphone, and Microsoft’s Kinect for Windows. YellAt DotA leverages DotA 2’s macro system to perform all of its interaction with DotA 2 via keybinds; there is no reading or modifying of DotA 2 memory.


Sample Voice Commands

Chat Wheel

DotA 2’s in-game chat wheel allows you to choose 9 pre-recorded chat phrases that can be broadcast to your teammates. YellAt DotA lets you use all 70 of these chat phrases without your keyboard or mouse; just say them out loud.

  • Team, missing mid! – Broadcasts the “missing middle” chat wheel command.
  • Team, nice! – Compliment your teammates on a job well done.


  • Courier, fetch! – Have the courier to bring your items from your stash, like a good puppy/donkey/mini-Roshan


  • DotA, show net worth – Shows the Net Worth statistics drop-down
  • DotA, follow player 3 – Spectate from Player 3’s perspective
  • DotA, show gold chart – displays the Difference in Gold Earned chart




More Video

Prototype Demo 1


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